How to create offline flipbooks with Flipbook Maker?

How to create offline flipbooks with Flipbook Maker?

Do I have to publish the flipping book online? What if I just want to create an offline digital flipbook and read it on my computer?

With 5kFlip Flipbook Maker(both basic and pro version, Mac and Windows version), you can not only one-click upload flipbooks online, but also convert PDF to local page-flipping books for offline reading.

Import PDF, choose template and scene, then click below Publish button.

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Choose offline flipbook format:

  • .html flipbook allows you to easily upload the flipbook to your website. Click Advanced button to add Title, Keywords, Description and JavaScript code to the flipbook. The output contains a .html page, a .swf file named book and a folder named files.
  • .zip flipbook is the compressed version of .html format. It can be emailed easily as attachment.
  • .app flipbook is an application running on Mac. You can customize Title, Version, Identifier and Window Size for the app flipbook.
  • .exe flipbook runs on your PC. You can customize Title, and Size for the exe flipbook.