Convert PDF to flash/html5 flipbook? Easy!

Convert PDF to flash/html5 flipbook? Easy!

5kFlip Flipbook Maker is a PDF page flipping tool that will convert PDF to flash or html5 flip book on your Mac or Windows. This PDF to flash/html5 flip book tool is really useful for digital publishers, magazine editors, etc. People are no longer satisfied with plain old PDF’s and this helps keep PDF documents looking fresh with the page-flipping flipbook style while potentially exposing your publications to millions of members on the network.

Multimedia seems to be the way everything is going these days. Just having a PDF ebook isn’t enough – it doesn’t have enough presentation to get it noticed. With 5kFlip PDF to flash flipbook maker, you can not only convert PDF to flash/html5 flip books, but also embed line, shape, text, callout, image, GIF, music, video, YouTube video, button, number icon, chart, link to create multimedia interactive flipping books.

It’s easy to convert PDF to flash/html5 flipbook using this flipbook maker software. Just import your PDF and:

1. click Publish button to create flipping books in html, zip, app, exe or

2. click Upload Online button to store flash/html5 flipbook on 5kFlip cloud storage and get the URL of the flipbook or

3. click FTP button to upload flipping books to your website directly. Note: check the “Also make mobile version.” option to allow readers to view your HTML5 flipbook on any mobile devices via browser.

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Above is the quickest way to get your first PDF flip book, however, 5kFlip PDF to flash flipbook maker also provides multiple options for you to customize your flash flip book:

1. choose which pages of the PDF to import;

2. set flip book page quality: higher, high, medium, low, lower;

3. whether to import original bookmarks, links;

4. whether to detect wide PDF pages and split into two, support searching in output flipbook;

5. select templates and scenes for your flash/html5 flipbook;

6. Customize flip book templates settings: button, logo, background sound, zoom control, flip book background music, toolbar languages, flip book flash display settings, thumbnails, Google Analytics ID integration, etc.

7. Create new bookmarks for flash/html5 flipbook or edit existing ones.