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Download Windows PDF to Flash Flipbook Maker to create flash flipbooks.

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
30-day free trial

Line, shape

An easy way to integrate more elements to your flipbook.


Text with multiple font, size and color. Callout with border, filling and font settings.

Button/number icon

Choose from the fantasitc built-in buttons/number icons and customize the text.


Presenting multiple images makes your flipbook more vivid.


Sound players provided. Import any song to any flip page.

Video, YouTube video

Add local video or YouTube video to any flip page easily. Video players provided.

One-click upload

Flash Flipbook Maker's Cloud service allows you to upload and store flipbooks easily and securely.

Flash & Html5 Flip Books

Convert any PDF to Flash flipbook for computer users and HTML5 flipbooks for portable device users.

Built-in FTP

Upload flipping books to your website, blog, etc. directly using the built-in FTP client. No need to create local flipbook first.

Flipbook Management

Manage all flipbooks uploaded to server. Support privacy setting. You can designate certain readers.

Google Analytics Integration

Easily get your Flash/HTML5 flipping book traffic information from the integrated Google Analytics.

Social network sharing

Integrated Social network sharing lets your Flash&HTML5 page-flipping e-publications reach more readers.

Portable device compatible

A portable device is enough to access any online HTML5 flipping book, with excellent page-flipping effect.

Zoom in/out

Never miss any detail of any flipping page with the zoom button.

Arrow key to flip page

Click UP, DOWN arrow keys to switch Thumbnails window and Main window positions and LEFT, RIGHT to flip pages.

Multi-language flipbook

Especially useful when your flipping book readers are from different countries.

Flipbook background music

Some readers may prefer flipping books with background sounds, flipbook maker makes it possible.

Search flipbook contents

Flipbook text is searchable. Readers can find contents they want qucikly and exactly.

PDF bookmark/link preserved

Bookmarks/links in the PDF file are well converted, or can be added to the flipping page.

Select/copy flipbook text

Easily copy and paste text directly from a flipping page.

LAN Preview

Preview flip book before uploading on any device on your Local Area Network.